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Welcome, I am Lyndon Farrington.

I created so that I could discuss with like minded people issues that I think are interesting and worthy of discussion and to inspire people to live their dreams.  You want something, Go Get It…

How many times have you been in a conversation with somebody who says ‘don’t get me started’. We know exactly what that means don’t we? It means if this conversation continues the person who said it is going to launch into a complete seminar of what they really think about a subject. But so often we don’t ‘start’ so often the voice goes silent and the conversation dies.

The Day That Turns Your Life Around

It has been said that for evil to triumph all that is necessary is for good men to do nothing. I feel that society today has been ‘dumbed’ down by a number of creeping issues such as political correctness making us all frightened of speaking our feelings and a social culture of being completely entertained by the television. We sit for hours hypnotised by the TV and/or computer games. Worse still we are being taught how to think by the characters on the TV who are far too often shallow and unintelligent.

There are a number of very worrying matters developing and I for one am lost as to the solution. It seems there are becoming a growing number of semi feral human beings and added to this a number of religiously deluded human beings, why are they growing in number?

Far too often too many people complain about immigration as the cause of problems but I like immigrants coming to the UK because they often show us the real value of work. Immigrants into any society know they have to work to live and they often put the indigenous population to shame with their fantastic work ethic. Thank goodness for immigrants who stand out as a candle in the darkness pointing to how work can save us.

So can it be argued that the benefit culture is destroying every piece of fabric in our society? We need a welfare system to protect the vulnerable that is obvious but where it exists people will take advantage of it to feed their laziness.

Benefits can and do stop people trying, the benefit trap today is that once a claimant gets meaningful employment they lose their benefit and are worse off for working so they don’t try to find a good job any more, and this becomes a life habit.

Living a life on benefits makes people frustrated and especially if they stop trying then they don’t wish to learn and grow as people which inevitably makes them less intelligent & the combination of lack of mental growth and frustration leads to an angry individual.

Children are being born into this culture and taught very little on how to break out and grow, although we live in a society of free education they don’t believe in simple issues like homework and the cycle is very worrying.

Too many people on benefits inevitably puts a  strain on  services, and the same services become sanitised because of angry people complaining and suing for everything so the people in public service cant say anything but the corporate line and the gap widens still further.

Then you put on the news and you see whole societies in the world determined to kill people of different faiths to themselves and equally determined to take over these societies enforcing their own religion. They can also be seen to be claiming religious issues that are madly deluded.

So what do we do, those of us that can see these and many other growing global problems, we draw the curtains put on the television and try to forget about it. Is there a politician with the genuine will to really change the world, or is there a politician who knows the answer?


I was brought up like many children of my generation with the belief of get educated get a good job and you will be set for life. I had to find or even stumble across the teaching of positive mental attitude; this was certainly not on the syllabus at school. There is not enough effort to educate people in the ways of the world regarding positive mental attitude, and certainly not enough taught about the value of getting off your backside and making a real effort to improve yourself and your own environment.


The credit belongs to the man in the arena; this is one of the truest statements ever written. I genuinely detest people who criticise for no good reason. They spill out doubt just for the feeling it gives them to spread doubt in others. There has never been a statue erected to a critic.

If you take a wealthy man and strip him of all his assets wealth and possessions and put him on a plane and parachute him with just basic clothing and no money into a land where he doesn’t even speak the language; he will within 5 years have rebuilt his life to a recognised level of success in this strange land. Why is this true it’s because of his mindset nothing more, so if somehow we can teach this mindset how much can we grow as a species?


I often wonder why positive mental attitude books are not made available at school at syllabus level, and why is it not studied as a separate subject with a recognised qualification attached. Can you imagine if it was taught genuinely how much improvement there would be?


A great discussion point is simply the pursuit of happiness and what that means for different people around the world. You read histories about different races for example the native American Indians and it seems to me that from the history I have studied that these people although often were incredibly cruel to each other had large degrees of genuine happiness and peace of spirit.


From this discussion can spread the human ability to be so unbelievably cruel to itself. We almost turn a blind eye to mans atrocity to man in centuries past excused by lack of knowledge, primitive times and a primitive nature but we all stood and wondered at the second world war holocaust against the Jewish nation and it seemed the planet for once agreed that this could never happen again; but it has happened again not on the same scale but it is always happening, and I ask will mans inhumanity to man ever stop.

So feel free to join in with my blog  about any of the issues covered here or issues you would like to discuss.


Warmest regards

Lyndon Farrington






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