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Believe In Yourself Zig Ziglar motivational speaker

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The fun is in the climb

It has often been said that the fun is in the climb, I’m not so certain about this one and I would love for some of you out there to send me your thoughts on this. When I have been involved in business endeavours and struggling to get the project off the ground I remember […]

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Has lyndon farrington ever lived before?

Have we lived before?

This subject fascinates me; the picture is a row of Tibetan Buddhist prayer wheels. These Buddhists have ceremonies for incarnation, reincarnation and transmigration. Since mankind first developed logical thoughts and language the question has dogged us all, where (if anywhere) we go after death, and is there a possibility that we can live another life. […]

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Things lyndon farrington would vote for

Things the whole country would vote for

It’s a strange thing if you look at the things people talk about with friends and relatives that seem so popular yet never seem to be mentioned by any political party. It makes you wonder if one day somebody threw away the fear of political correctness and put some hot potatoes on their manifesto’s such […]

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lyndon farrington likes to click his fingers at christmas

Click your fingers on Christmas day

Here is a simply brilliant story for all young people. Every Christmas day go to the bottom of your garden (or the garden where you are staying) find as quiet a place as you can manage and simply click your fingers, do nothing else. Now try to remember to do the same thing next year […]

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Lyndon Farrington “Never Give Up On Your Passion” Inspirational Videos For Children

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