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Somebody wrote that Lyndon Farrington was in Amway once as if they were writing that I had been a signed up member of the bogey man society.

I joined Amway in 1988 and the bed rock of my sales experience and key life contacts emanate from this time.

A soldier can spot a soldier, a miner relates to a miner and the same applies to ex-Amway distributors. So many people have used their time from this company as a spring board to great success.

I put over 10,000 people into Amway in 6 countries with over 5,000 of those distributors actively attending seminars each month.

Few people can appreciate the skill sets learned coordinating a team of 5,000+ active people in many countries, but this experience is priceless and I still draw from it in the present day.

I was lucky enough to have been in the Amway business this was a really formative time full of contentious issues but also full of character building times.

I was a successful speaker regarding positive mental attitude (pma) as it related to my business, and this exposed me to a lot of different books and pma techniques.

I spoke at virtually every Amway venue in the UK it’s a buzz speaking live at Wembley arena and the largest crowd I addressed was 12,500 at the National Indoor Arena Birmingham.

I noticed a lot of people who learn pma wear it like a coat. They wear it when needed out and about and around people and then they take it off when they get home.

Another analogy is they are like a rock constantly in water, if somebody breaks them open they will be completely dry on the inside, the water (pma) has not penetrated them one little bit.

I became heavily involved with the organising of events which was also a great experience. There was a lot of controversy regarding the incomes made from books, tapes & seminar tickets which I was at the forefront of attempting to reform. I organised very early software to be written to combine the Amway sales & marketing plans to the incomes from books, tapes & tickets.

This was presented to the company who didn’t take it forward. I left this business shortly after realising that this part of the business was not acceptable to me.

This belief can be seen in the present day as I champion the ‘free’ model wherever possible.



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