Lyndon Farrington Competition

Lyndon Farrington Competition


I have been very well schooled in the professional way of dealing with competitors.

Competition only proves that YOU are on the right playing field; if there was nobody else out there maybe we are in a dumb business?
Competition really is only productive when it is inwardly focused, in other words we only need to look at how to compete with our own past performances to improve our results.

Fear of competition comes from a philosophy of the word ‘lack’. There is nearly always plenty to go around without becoming obsessed with your competitors.


Study Coca Cola & Pepsi Cola.

They both produce a black fizzy drink, which so often is confused by waiters & waitresses around the world…

Do you want Pepsi or Coke?

Most people reply ‘it doesn’t matter’.

Do you ever see Pepsi or Coke attacking each other?

The answer is no.

They both produce some of the most iconic advertisements in the world.

When they advertise the actually advertise each other’s product.

I was correctly taught in sales that you never ‘elevate your own company by running down another’. No matter how valid your point is against a competitor it always makes you look small and unprofessional.

In summary get out of bed every day and put in your most honest shift, thinking about how you can be better or at least equal than yourself yesterday.

Erase from your mind all notion of outside would be competitors, and you will win in almost everything you do.

You will also win perhaps the most important contest, winning your self-respect.



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