Lyndon Farrington General Statement

Hello everybody

I am very excited with Beep Extra Ltd this can be viewed at

I have been in business for a considerable time and like most business owners I can reflect on good times & bad.

Today we are in the internet age where information flows freely which for the most part is very positive. However there is a growing trend for forums to attract mindless individuals who write anything that comes into their head.

I would like to educate people to on-line opinions and also take this opportunity to make a few public statements and to issue some clear warnings.

If you read anything on a forum where the writer doesn’t leave their name and contact details, yet the same writer throws around idle natured accusations, then that information is worthless and in my opinion cowardly.

These people have a distorted moral framework, false accusers are malefactors. False allegations besmirch the character of the individual who makes them just as much as they would besmirch the character of those against whom they are made, if true.

If you have anything to say against me now or in the future meet me in open court.

If you are a writer on a forum and you use my name in a defamatory way I ask you to leave your full name and contact details.

If you use a cyber-name; do not think it is safe to hide, the internet is becoming tighter and my team is very skilful, they will find and pursue you to the full extent of international law.

I work very hard and I have goals to help hundreds of people around the world become successful.

My business life is about helping others succeed. If you look at what I have done over the last three decades it often begins with a referral team.

It’s much more rewarding to give a present than receive one. I love to see people’s eyes light up with hope of a better future.

My business Beepxtra also donates to charity and attempts to defame directly affect good causes, and good family’s futures.

Here in this comments section I will make public some associations so that sensible people can make judgements for themselves.


Kind regards


Lyndon Farrington




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Lyndon Farrington General Statement