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After seeing too many businesses with a myriad of challenges the introduction to Karatbars International was a very welcome relief.

It has been reported that in my business of Beepxtra we say to people that if you must get involved in Karatbars, which is not correct.

I champion people’s rights, and freedom of choice is a pillar of that philosophy.

People who know me well; know I often joke about the word must.

I say there is only one must … we are all alive today and we all must die one day……in the middle everything else is up to us.
I am the MD of Beepxtra so why do I still promote Karatbars?

What I actually promote is buying gold in one gram increments. Gold purchased by the ounce is cheaper than that purchased by the gram.

Karatbars has the cheapest and easiest to obtain gold per gram that is certified by the London Bullion Metal Association (LBMA).


Further to this:
•    If you become wealthy your money is all in currency, putting all your assets into one asset class is risky. Currency is an asset class. So moving a portion of your saved income into a commodity like gold is good common sense.
•  Buying gold in small increments is good in case you want to dispose of some of it but not all.
•    Saving is becoming a forgotten value. The whole idea of saving is based on the fact that one day we will all be too old to work and produce income. If we universally teach our children to constantly save a percentage of their income and never spend it, think how much debt will be wiped out in two or three generations.


In summary with 25 years of business experience Karatbars Gold stands tall as one of the most honest and transparent businesses I have ever seen.


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