Lyndon Farrington The ones that stick out

A key piece of advice is to find the business you love and stick to it.

Even your most fierce detractors will give you grudging respect five years into your business.

I am a huge supporter of MLM businesses otherwise known as Network Marketing or today they are re-branded as affiliate marketing schemes.

The title often is rebranded because members become embarrassed over being involved and they worry about being called a serial networker.

I would rather be a serial networker than a serial critic any day. This reminds me of the man who saw a little boy aiming his potato gun at the moon. The man said ‘don’t you know son you’ll never hit the moon with that potato gun? To which the boy replied ‘At least I’ll get closer than you will’!

I love people who keep getting up, refusing to be beaten, and to those that worry about the title of your business I simply say ‘get over yourself’! You will never succeed if you allow other people to influence how you behave, unless you use their negativity to spur you onwards.

A word of caution however is ‘pick one and ride one’. It is difficult to be involved in two similar businesses without one or both suffering lack of attention. Many people can have many businesses and succeed in them all, but try to avoid two businesses in the same field.

Here’s a short summary of businesses I became closely involved with but never got ‘married’ to:

A good friend of mine is one of the world’s highest paid Herbalife distributors, he always used to call me and say ‘when are you going to get serious about Herbalife’. He knew it just didn’t create a spark in my soul, which I am sure used to drive him crazy, he often pointed out that his business created a million every year for over a decade, he had luxury cars, an ocean going yacht, you name it he had it. So why didn’t I fall in love with Herbalife and just go for it, the answer still eludes me and makes me smile. To all Herbalife distributors I send you all best wishes you are in a great business.
I still unapologetically use the shakes.

Organo Gold
The beauty of this business lies in its simplicity ‘healthy coffee’. There were a few things about the organisation I didn’t relate to but that was just my own choice so as the love wasn’t there I slowly backed off. Great company though with fun people.
I still unapologetically drink the coffee.

Synergy Worldwide
This company has the wow factor, simply the best products I have ever seen. The Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded for the research into Nitric Oxide retention in the cardio vascular system which is the research behind their key product. I did love this company (still do) but the public perception of spending quite a good deal of money on the products held back my dreams so I left this business on the shelf. I use the products every day without fail and without actively promoting this business I left the fabulous videos out there for all like-minded people to see.

To summarise

this section it is worth pointing out that for the good ones just mentioned there were at least ten times that that were bad, useless, run by crooks, run by fools or all of the aforementioned, luckily my experience saw them early on, but sometimes not as quickly as I would have preferred.

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