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Buddhists have ceremonies for incarnation, reincarnation and transmigration. Since mankind first developed logical thoughts and language the question has dogged us all, where (if anywhere) we go after death, and is there a possibility that we can live another life.

If we are all energy then it does seem to make sense that we can re-appear again in another life, and there are plenty of people around today who subscribe to the theory that we are physical manifestations of source energy.

There is also a significant group of us who feel we are on a journey in each life, and lessons we need to learn are re-visited either in the same life or in a future life until we don’t need to learn any more and we stay in the next dimension.

The picture is a row of Tibetan Buddhist prayer wheel

lyndon farrington Tibetan SPINNING WHEELS


On the same subject how many of us have had strong déjà vu experiences either with people or places? How many people have we met for the first time and felt almost instantly that we have met this person before. How many places have we visited for the first time and felt like we have been here before?

It a great subject and evokes a lot of emotion in people let me know your thoughts. Read Things the whole country would vote for.


Lyndon Farrington

It a great subject and evokes a lot of emotion in people let me know your thoughts.  Thanks


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