THE STORY GOES...........

Never judge a man unless you have walked five miles in his moccasins

It’s a great reminder not to jump to conclusions too quickly.

In fact the more I go on I just say to myself don’t even bother trying to judge anyone as the real picture will hardly ever be revealed.

There was a man with his brand new Rolls Royce driving down a quiet road on the edge of a city, in the distance he saw an adolescent boy slowly throwing a small rock up in the air and catching it in the same hand, as his car drew closer he saw the boy begin to take aim and as the Rolls Royce passed the boy threw the rock straight into the side of the car.

The man was completely livid and jumped out with the red mist rapidly descending, the young man immediately said…………’I’m sorry mister for your car its just my brother has fell off his bike in this ditch nobody can see him and he’s broken his leg and is losing blood, nobody would stop and the rock was all I could think of to make you stop’I bet there are hundreds of similar stories 


I hope you get the message about the moccasins, let me have your thoughts, Lyndon Farrington