I heard someone once say....

'I don't want to be rich because I'd be bored if I was'

That comment makes me look at the speaker and decide that in front of me was a person with almost no imagination whatsoever.

The time has long gone when all we had to do was go out and grow and hunt for our food. If we want to live comfortably we need money, to stand still in life these days we need money, we can hardly move without needing money.

Someone once pointed out that in the Bible it says that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the gates of heaven, and this was God’s way of telling us that riches are bad……… rubbish! Firstly the eye of the needle in the Bible was the narrow passages in city walls that were always guarded but open where men could pass without swords to prove they were unarmed, the parable was simply telling us that when we die we can’t take our money with us…..

It is a virtual requirement and a very good one to make money, so as for being bored ha ha ha! Just think about how many hobbies that are very time consuming you could start if you did not need to go to work, and the thought of potential boredom dissipates very quickly.

And as for people that say money doesn’t make you happy; well if was going to be miserable then I would rather be rich and miserable than broke and miserable!

“What would you do if you were time and money free? Let me know your thoughts.