Religion causes more bloodshed than anything

"Religion causes bloodshed" says Lyndon FarringtonReligion causes more bloodshed than almost anything else. What a true statement this is, and yet in such a civilised condition that we find ourselves in today it still continues.

What always amazes me is how some religious believers become so hot under the collar trying to convince us all that they are right and everyone one else is wrong.

I often watch science documentaries and I’m fascinated by those that talk about space and the universe, because it reminds me of how infinitesimally small we are as a planet in this universe.

If we can’t answer the question ‘how far does space go’ then how can we possibly get hot under the collar ‘proving’ to everyone how right we are about our particular religion.

It always strikes me that when someone does this they are afraid of being proven wrong so they get loud and aggressive in ‘defence’ of their own fragile belief in their own faith.

What do you think?

Thanks Lyndon Farrington

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