Few sayings are truer than this……..

'You can't have a positive and a negative thought at the same time'

if you don’t believe this then try it. Try to be happy and miserable in the same thought. So it follows that we will become creatures of habit thinking more in one way than another out of habit.

Usually as children we start to talk about other people and it is rare for parents to teach us how this chatter can affect us. There is a lot of good sense in avoiding talking negatively about other people; it stops us from thinking about things that would benefit ourselves. If all we do is concentrate on talking about other people then we stop thinking about what it is we are actually doing.

The next stage up from constantly thinking about other people is always thinking about today’s events, such as a sporting event, today’s episode of your favourite TV soap, what the government is doing today; while there is nothing wrong with this, too much focus on events can paralyse a mind in thinking of only what is happening in the event on that particular day.
So comes the phrase

‘Small minds talk about people, average minds talk about events, however, great minds talk about how things can be’

The phrase is teaching and guiding us to move ahead towards a better place for ourselves (as we only have so much thought time), so it is better to control our own thoughts to benefit ourselves. Put another way I can’t imagine Nelson Mandela spending hours gossiping about the relatives or moaning about a bad sports result, but I can imagine him thinking long and hard about how he can improve his own daily situation. thank you, LyndonFarrington.co.uk

I hope you get the message about small minds talk about people,, let me have your thoughts, Lyndon Farrington

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