Things the whole country
would vote for

It's a strange thing

If you look at the things people talk about with friends and relatives that seem so popular yet never seem to be mentioned by any political party.
It makes you wonder if one day somebody threw away the fear of political correctness and put some hot potatoes on their manifesto’s such as………………..

The welfare state and benefit cheats. How many young women get pregnant because they know the government will give them a flat and pay their bills while they have the child. Young women know a baby is a ticket to avoid work for a long time.

Just suppose, the government built secure apartment blocks with built in crèches and nurseries and if you want the country to look after you and your baby great, leave the baby in the provided care and we the government will give you work for the country, no choice in the matter we will give you meaningful work for which you will be paid however if you think you are going to live in an apartment watching daytime TV for the next 16 years, forget it because that benefit has now stopped forever, If you refuse this then fine also but it will be up to your family to support you.

I can hear every tax payer cheering but which politician dares be so draconian. Can you imagine how many teenage pregnancies there would be with this system, can you imagine the drop in the welfare bill, can you imagine the increased (and better) responsibility of families faced with single pregnancies if they knew the family had to pay.

“Please let me know and leave a comment if you can you think of something the whole country would vote for”

Thanks  Lyndon